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Our Past Events

Stand-up Comedy 

Tuesday 9 April

Come Chill with Us

Tuesday 21 May

Gong Hey Fat Choi

Tuesday 20 February

Come Join Us

Tuesday 19 March

Pink Alliance enjoys association with a number of other organisations that have similar values and objectives to ours. We officially recognise these organisations as Allies.

Allies are invited to our meetings and events and are kept informed of our policies but are completely independent of Pink Alliance. They are involved in many of our activities, and, in turn, Pink Alliance supports them in carrying out their own activities.

Those we are proud to call our Allies at the moment include

Our Allies

Aids Concern Logo
Harmonics Logo
Ernst  And Young Logo

Happy Pride 2024!

Happy Hour Drinks Menu with Lucky Draw


Tuesday 18  June

7-10 PM

Venue:  Staunton's Soho Hong Kong

10 Stauton Street, Central, Hong Kong

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